Does this Sound Like You?

  • You want to lose weight, but think that getting results is too compliated? 
  • You hate the thought of slaving in the kitchen making “healthy” recipes that only you eat.
  • Shlepping to the gym seems like just another thing to add to your already extensive to-do list
  • You can’t imagine life without a glass of wine or a few pieces of chocolate.

I know how you feel. Because I felt exactly the same way!

Introducing the Wellness Warrior Program

This program is designed to help busy, hard working women just like us - who are short on time… and patience – get the results they want! It’s a way to get your outside to match your inside, so you can feel like the warrior woman you are!

With the Wellness Warrior program, you will transform not just your body, but your mind and self-esteem as well! Weight loss is possible after 35, after baby or while working a full time job. It's true!

Why me?

I was never the fit, sporty girl. I never had a great relationship with my body. When I got married, I weighed almost 200 pounds.

By the time I had my son 6 years later, I felt old, defeated and like I no longer knew myself. Sitting on the couch, I kept thinking, "there's no there there." 

I was tired of feeling tired. I was sick of feeling uncomfortable in my jeans and in my own skin!

I really tried my best to get healthy. I started running. I started eating "healthy". I even started working out with a personal trainer. But, no matter what I did, I wasn't dropping a pound.

And, as a working mom, I didn't have the time, the energy or the inclination for something complicated and nit-picky. I didn't want to deal with adding one more thing to my already long day. 

But then, I learned how exercise – for only 30 minutes a day – and portion control made all the difference. I learned that when I made smart food choices, I saw results. And I saw that it was easier than I thought. And I still got to have my glass of wine. 

Since then, I’ve lost – and kept off - 35 pounds. I went from a size 12/14 to a size 4/6. Oh, and did I mention that I started all of this at the age of 43?

What To Do

Let’s get real: If you want to lose weight, if you want a smaller jeans size, if you want to look and feel better, you have to change what and how you eat. And because you are swamped with career, family and life, you want it to be stupid simple. And that’s exactly what this program is!

What You Get

No one wants to spend their time counting calories, weighing food and dealing with nutrition minutae. How about real food… including wine.. that makes the plan sustainable not just for 30 days, but for a lifetime?

No one wants to spend an hour going back and forth to the gym, only to realize they forgot their sports bra, their headphones, their socks. Instead, how about fast, fun and effective workouts in 30 minutes or less? Get up, get it done, and get on with your day!

No one wants to wander around the gym, trying to guess which workouts will work best for them. Instead, how about a workout calendar that tells you exactly what to do each and every day?

No one wants to choke down a handful of supplements and pills to make sure they are getting the nutrition their body needs to look and feel its best. Instead, how about an amazing superfoods shake that is fast and easy to prepare that will give you energy, keep those cravings in check, all while tasting like a cheat food? (I promise! It really does taste like dessert!)

What else do you get

Of course, no matter how simple the plan, it always helps when someone has your back. By signing up with the links below, you get me as your coach. I provide you with:

  • a sample one week meal plan, to get you started without the overwhelm
  • a shopping list, that breaks down exactly what foods to buy to help you start eating clean
  • a private online coaching group, where other fabulous, smart, driven ladies are working together to support each other in living healthier, happier lives

Remember! To get all this support, you need to sign up with me, Jess Weiss, as your coach!

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