How To Fight Off Newbie Fear

Notwithstanding the “old dog” adage, adult learners are highly capable of learning new things… from languages to sports to skills. However, we learn in a slightly different way than our kids. Rather than embracing the thrill of the adventure, adults tend to think about new skills – a lot – before committing. We have a fear of looking foolish as we move from beginner to intermediate. We need to be highly motivated for it to be worth our while.

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Top 3 Lessons from American Ninja Warrior

As published by YFS, October 13, 2016

Oddly enough, I’m completely drawn in to American Ninja Warrior. Not just because it shows ordinary people performing remarkable acts of fitness and strength. I’m also drawn to the stories. Regular people making it happen… just because.

Although I never imagined it, there are some real business lessons that come out of American Ninja Warrior.

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Fitspo, Girl Guilt and Reality

How often do we see the types of images like the one on the left float across our social media screens? Impossibly fit, pithy quote, a "go get it girl" message above it?

I guess we are supposed to find them inspiring. After all, if "she" can do it (it's almost always scantily clan women working out in something I would maybe wear to the beach), obviously I can too. Right?

Um. No. 

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Back On Track After The Holiday Weekend

Many of us were gearing up for Spring and Summer, doing our best to stay on track. Lots of water. Clean eating. Watching our carbs and our alcohol... We were doing pretty well.

And then, Memorial Day weekend came. And we saw friends and went to BBQs and the beach and just generally forgot all the hard work we've been doing over the past few months.

You too? You aren't alone. I’ve heard quite a few people say that they ate too much over the holiday weekend. Well... guess what? Today is a new day and you can start fresh! 

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Why Exercise Matters

So, do you move your body every day? Get your butt off the couch and get going? You really should. 

Wait Jess… You just told me that I can’t out exercise my fork. Sure did. And it’s true. But you should exercise anyway.

I know, I know. I don’t always want to either. Some days it seems easier to ditch it… After a long, crazy day or on a rare, quiet morning or in the middle of a great book or movie… Forcing yourself up and at it can be a chore.  Lazy is easier – physically and mentally.

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Don't Act Your Age

Just because it’s harder to drop the pounds, doesn’t mean we have to give up and sit on the couch. Just because we might never have a perfectly flat tummy, doesn’t mean we have to cover it up. Just because we aren’t as small as we used to be, doesn’t mean we have to wear shapeless, ugly clothes. We don’t have to be quiet or passive or agreeable. Just because we are over 40 doesn’t mean we have to do ANYTHING we don’t want to…

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Should I Eat: Low Fat

There is so much information about how to eat a healthy diet. And almost all of it conflicts.

So, let’s discuss some of the favorite foodie theories out there. After all, with a little knowledge, everyone can make the choices that work best for them. Let’s start right out with the sacred cow of weight loss: low fat.

People always tell me about how they are cleaning up their diet. And then, they proudly show me the fat free mayo or reduced fat ice cream freshly purchased at the store.

There’s just one problem. Low fat doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight.

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The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss

Every day, I see people working out, sweating, trying their best. They are putting themselves through the paces, doing the do, schlepping to the gym or hitting play on the DVD player… And every day, I hear so many of them say “I just don’t understand why I’m not losing weight.”

I feel their pain. I was one of those people for a really long time. I was running 3 times a week, lifting weights twice a week… and the scale refused to budge.

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